The story of the BookBow

Stefan and Josefin sat by the piano and was getting frustrated that the music book kept closing itself. It feels silly to make copies of every single song, just to be able to play them! Stefan was having a little one-man brainstorming a couple of nights in the autumn of 2005. A simple solution was needed, one that would work with the music stands people already own. After some testing, the Wooden BookBow grew to life in the basement. It worked perfectly! Then the wife in the house started using it while reading. Then while working by the computer.
– It would be nice to give others the opportunity to use the BookBow too!, Stefan thought, and contacted a few local stores. Almost every music store believed in the idea, but the Wooden BookBow was still a little hard to sell, probably because it is rather long to carry around. Another model was needed, one that would take less space. After some discussion with DX Plastic the plastic BookBow was born, and sales was picking up speed. Stefan still likes the Wooden BookBow better though…

Lundvalls Diverse is a small company selling the BookBow. Manufacture is done in Jönköping, Sweden.