Tips and tricks with the BookBow

If you have a BookBow that is adjustable in length, pull it out to its full length, then it becomes easy to slip it on the book! Once on the book, adjust the BookBow to preferred length.
If you grip the BookBow close to the thicker end it is easy to apply a big bend using a small hand movement.

Everyone finds their own way to turn the page while using the BookBow, but here are a few tips:
- If you are lying down while reading, the easiest way to turn the page is usually to take the BookBow off, turn the page, and then slip the BookBow back on. The BookBow is perfect while reading in your beach chair in summer, or if you want to read while tanning your back in the sun!
- If the book is lying on a table, put the BookBow in the lower margin. While applying a gentle pressure on the book, using one hand, flip the BookBow down using your other hand. Turn the page and flip the BookBow back up again!

- On the music stand, you can turn the page using only one hand, leaving the other hand free to continue playing. Put the BookBow in the lower margin of the book. When turning the page, start by pushing the BookBow all the way down, to let it rest against the music stand.
The BookBow is kept in place by the back of the book.
After turning the page, lift the BookBow using your thumb and middle finger, while the rest of your fingers keep the pages in order until the BookBow is back in place.

- The Long BookBow can be slipped, not only around your book, but around your music stand too. This is useful during outdoors concerts when it's windy. On big music stands, you might want to use the BookBow in the upper margin, flipping it upwards to turn the page. The BookBow can also be used with single sheets of music. If the music stand is thin and single sheets are used rubber bands can prevent the BookBow from sliding down. (click here for a picture in a new window).
- Ensembles playing outdoors often use a ringbinder for their sheets of music. Using the BookBow with a ringbinder, slip it over the ringbinder and the top part of the sheets. Flip it upwards to turn the page. The BookBow will lie still on top of your sheets, until put back in place (click here for a picture).